Anne Hathaway in Porsche 911 Paparazzi Troubles

Anne Hathaway in Porsche 911 Paparazzi Troubles

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Anne Hathaway is hot item right now as she has a new movie is coming out. TMZ posted a video that shows how complicated a celebrity life is under the constant surveillance of Paparazzi.

Actress Anne Hathaway stars in the upcoming movie Interstellar. She is on Harper’s Bazar cover and is in general a lot in celebrity news right. Reason enough for Paparazzi‘s to follow her every move. Today TMZ posted video that shows how complicated a simple trip to the gym for some Yoga is for the actress. The video shows how Anne Hathaway arrives at the gym in her blue Porsche 911 convertible. Side note, Anne Hathaway has great taste in cars. After parking the Porsche, she runs across the parking lot inside the gym. 

After her Yoga session, the gym stuff is getting the car for her and driving it close to the door so Anne Hathaway could just jump in. Normal folks like us don’t have these kinds of troubles.

Anne Hathaway new movie is coming out next month. She plays an astronaut who goes into space alongside Matthew McConaughey to save humanity. Watch the trailer below.

The space travel is possible through a wormhole discovery that connects worlds. A group of scientists and astronauts travel the universe in search of a novel home for humanity. As for planet earth, it is in ruins…devastated by environmental degradation and resource depletion. However, it is not all as bleak as it sounds.  

Christopher Nolan wrote the script and directed the movie. 

Interstellar will be in theaters on November 7.

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