Anthony Bosch Sentenced to 4 Years In Federal Prison

Anthony Bosch Sentenced to 4 Years In Federal Prison

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  • A federal district judge issued a four-year prison sentence to Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch on Feb. 17.
  • Bosch allegedly sold illegal PEDs to MLB players and even high school players.

A federal court sentenced Biogenesis of America founder Anthony Bosch to four years in prison for allegedly peddling illegal performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to MLB players over the course of the past several years.

Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch will be spending the next four years of his life in federal prison.

Bosch allegedly sold illegal performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to several Major League Baseball (MLB) and even high school players over the course of the past several years, per ESPN. He was teary-eyed in court, claiming his business was a legitimate one gone wrong. Bosch was appealing for a more lenient sentence, citing his cooperation during the investigation. However, U.S. District Judge Darrin Gayles did not give in to his pleas.

In addition, Gayles also handed Bosch, who falsely claimed to be a licensed medical doctor, three years of supervised release, per ESPN. Court records reveal Bosch liked to be referred to as “Dr. T.” 

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan told ESPN that Bosch’s main objective wasn’t to help people with illnesses. Rather, he was more interested in earning big by making his athlete-clients “bigger, stronger and faster ballplayers.” 

Sullivan said,”He was not a legitimate doctor. He wasn’t treating an illness. He wasn’t treating a disease.”

However, what Gayles found more disturbing was Bosch’s injecting high school players with PEDs in the South Florida area. Gayles told ESPN that Bosch “was the mastermind” and “was the one who recruited others to assist him.” 

The good news for Bosch is his sentence could potentially be reduced by way of further cooperation which includes potential trial testimony. No less than his prosecutors made this known to ESPN. Bosch pleaded guilty to distribute testosterone in October.

According to ESPN, he will testify in court together with New York Yankees third basman Alex Rodriguez (whom MLB suspended for the entire 2014 season for his alleged involvement in the Biogenesis scandal) should the last two defendants, the latter’s cousin Yuri Sucart and former Miami Hurricanes baseball pitching coach Lazaro Collazo, go to trial in April. 

For his part, Rodriguez issued his own written apology to the fans which was obtained by ESPN New York‘s Andrew Marchand:

“I take full responsibility for the mistakes that led to my suspension for the 2014 season. I regret that my actions made the situation worse than it needed to be. To Major League Baseball, the Yankees, the Steinbrenner family, the Players Association and you, the fans, I can only say I’m sorry.

“I accept the fact that many of you will not believe my apology or anything that I say at this point. I understand why and that’s on me. It was gracious of the Yankees to offer me the use of Yankee Stadium for this apology but I decided the next time I am in Yankee Stadium, I should be in pinstripes doing my job.

“I served the longest suspension in the history of the League for PED use. The Commissioner has said the matter is over. The Players Association has said the same. The Yankees have said the next step is to play baseball.

“I’m ready to put this chapter behind me and play some ball.

“This game has been my single biggest passion since I was a teenager. When I go to spring training, I will do everything I can to be the best player and teammate possible, earn a spot on the Yankees and help us win.”

Rodriguez’s much-anticipated interview with ESPN The Magazine’s J.R. Moehringer will be released on Wednesday, Feb. 18, per Marchand. In it, he claims Bosch gave him a placebo. Rodriguez also reveals he toyed with retirement during the early part of his year-long suspension in 2014 and even sought the advice of the equally controversial Barry Bonds.

Of his relationship with Bosch, Rodriguez tells Moehringer, “Only me. Only a dope like me would do that stuff and have the two worst statistical seasons of my career.”

Bosch’s lawyer Guy Lewis told ESPN on Tuesday his client decided to be fully cooperative with U.S Drug Enforcement Administration agents despite several threats he received which ordered him not to do so. The threats forced Bosch to hire security guards and move to several different locations. At one point, an antagonist offered $150,000 to Bosch to keep quiet, but he chose not to. 

Lewis said,”Mr. Bosch has cooperated thoroughly and extensively. He was truthful. He was reliable.”

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