Back to the Future II DeLorean iPhone Case is Up For Grabs

Back to the Future II DeLorean iPhone Case is Up For Grabs

The Back to the Future II DeLorean iPhone case is definitely up for grabs. Shaped like the time travel car that Marty McFly drove in, the iPhone case is cool, stylish and fashionable.

The mobile case looks like a car, but it isn’t. In fact, it /4/be the best in its category ever made yet. Though this might be taking things too far, such is the case, or so it seems. The iPhone 6 case is inspired by the 80s movie Back to the Future II. 

It is in its debut stage in Japan and the occasion is the 30th anniversary of the memorably famous movie. Called the Crazy Case, it is based on the special vehicle that Doc Brown and Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox in the movie) employed for their time travel purposes.


The DeLorean car case is available for approximately 5940 yen ($50). The Japanese toymaker Bandai is responsible for this new container of a case. The toy is an adult toy alright since it is carefully constructed on the exact same model as the car in the movie. 

And the smart phone fits into the chassis region in the case. As for the LEDs and active parts, they allow full manipulation of the phone from the exteriority of the case. It is indeed a beauty to behold.

But the only drawback is that it is not very convenient to use. This impracticality will however be ignored seeing that many want the iPhone case so badly for pure fashion purposes. By the way, 2015 was the year that Marty McFly visits in Back to the Future II. 

Even Michael J. Fox doesn’t own an iPhone case shaped like the car he drove in the movie. The hood opens to allow a camera to poke through. The lights blink every time an incoming call occurs. And there is an intrinsic torch too. 

Although preorders have started, the case won’t be in the market before the middle of 2015. This toy will serve to re-ignite 80s memories among many who were kids or teenagers way back then. As everyone knows, the DeLorean car was a nuclear powered vehicle in the film

This movie spinoff is rather like the ten thousand products made for the Batman Series. Already there is a Batman Batmobile Tumbler phone case in the list of movie-inspired products circulating in the high tech market.


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