Antoine Dodson to fight the Bed Intruder in Boxing Match

Antoine Dodson to fight the Bed Intruder in Box Match


Internet celebrity Antoine Dodson is back with a real life celebrity boxing match. He will fight the Bed Intruder. The video about the outrageous challenge to the man who broke into his house was made famous in viral YouTube video Bed Intruder. Now Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman and eccentric Greek billionaire Alki David are producing a fight between Dodson and Rashaad Cooper, who is the original bed intruder. Watch Antoine Dodson on the News back in 2010 that triggered his fame below.

The match will be broadcast pay-per-view platform, which launched in September with charity events starring Akon live from the Congo and partnerships with BET and Hip Hop Weekly. lets anyone get their online event out to the world and monetize it.

“I built for just this kind of event,” says David. “One of a kind entertainments that tap into the social power of television and couldn’t be broadcast anywhere else. Being part of FilmOn Networks and its 40 million monthly unique user base, ETV can expose non-traditional, non- corporate event TV to massive audiences.”

David and Feldman have produced pop culture events before involving Andy Dick, Joey Buttafucco, Amy Fisher, Corey Feldman, Janice Dickenson, Kato Kaelin and many more. Among many new shows, David’s Anakando Media Group is producing the feature film “Bob Thunder, Internet Assassin” in conjunction with Relativity Media.

“Antoine Dodson vs. the Intruder fight is going to be the fight of the year—these two are out for revenge,” says Feldman who has produced celebrity boxing spectacles featuring epic match ups such as Todd Bridges vs. Vanilla Ice and Paula Jones vs. Tonya Harding. “ is the perfect vehicle to get this out to the people.”

Antoine Dodson vs. Rashad “Intruder” Cooper Celebrity Fight Club will take place on Sunday, November 2, 6pm PST. You can get the $9.99 ticket for the Pay-per-view event here

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