Apira Science to Present its New iGrow Hair Growth System at CES 2015

Apira Science to Present its New iGrow Hair Growth System at CES 2015


iGrow is the first hair growth system to get a U.S FDA OTC clearance for both men and women.

Apira Science Inc. announced today that they got the over-the-counter (OTC) clearance from FDA for the company’s new iGrow Hair Growth system. The system will effectively promote hair growth in women with Fitzpatrick skin phototypes I to IV and also with Ludwig Baldness Scale Classifications of I to II.

iGrow is the first ever wearable, low level laser therapy hair growth device that has got clearance from the FDA. It seems Apira Science is very lucky. It is hands-free and is now easily available without a prescription for both women and men to treat their hair loss. Well another great problem is solved by this new system of Apira at the CES 2015.

The company is going to display the iGrow Hair Growth System at CES 2015 on January 6th to 9th in Las Vegas. The booth number is 75708 so anyone interested in treating their baldness, this is the best place to be. Apira is going to demonstrate to the visitors how the systems patented red light technology re-energizes cells at the follicle level to efficiently regrow thicker, healthier and fuller hair.

The iGrow will use low level light therapy (LLLT) to increase the hair counts by 37 percent at least among women in the first 16 weeks. Plus the iGrow system has no side effects at all. Moreover the device’s use of medical grade LEDs and red laser diodes offers the users a very convenient, clinically proven and cost effective method to get rid of baldness and grow back hair. 

Jeff Braile the president of Medical Products Division at Apira Science Inc. said revealed that more than 40 million women are suffering from genetic hair loss and even then iGrow is just one solution the FDA has cleared for treating this.

He explained that iGrow is the only hands-free and hoe use device that has been cleared by FDA for both men and women. This helps people to effectively treat their hair loss problem from the comfort and privacy of their home.  

However it wasn’t easy for Apira to get clearance from the FDA and the company had to conduct a double-blind, independently reviewed clinical trial to test the efficacy and most importantly the safety of the iGrow Hair Growth System. Two different studies were conducted; one for men and one for the women and what do you know Apira’s iGrow Hair Growth System was successful in both the tests. Both the studies have been published in Lasers in Surgery in Medicine which is the best journal on laser-based technology.  

For the people who really want to get rid of their baldness or are desperate for hair growth now is your lucky chance as the iGrow Hair Growth System is now available for purchase at www.igrowlaser.com; also at select Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Fry’s retail locations. The device is coming out with a six-month money-back guarantee, and is priced at $695. Do not miss the chance of seeing the demonstration by Apira at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas.

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CES 2015 will be held from Janaury 6-9, 2015.


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