Apple buys Musicmetric Provider Semetric before Beats Music Relaunch

Apple buys Musicmetric Provider Semetric before Beats Music Relaunch

Apple has bought the UK firm in order to get hold of the Musicmetric analytics tool that Apple will use to add music analytics to its Beats Music service.

As shocking as it /4/seem Apple has finally bought the renowned British startup Semetric. Many /4/know that Semetric is the company that runs the Musicmetric analytics tool. Why has Apple taken over the company?

Well it is because Apple has planned to relaunch its Beats Music streaming music service later this year for its users. In January the documents that were filed with Companies House showed that Semetric’s registered address was changed and the new address was the same as the registered address of Apple Europe Limited. The new address now reads 100 New Bridge Street in London, the office of law firm Baker and McKenzie. 

On the other hand the senior attorney of Apple Gene Levoff was appointed as the director of Semetric in October 2014. This information has also been provided by the Companies House in January.

The company stated recently that Apple buys smaller technology companies frequently and the company does not reveal or discuss its purpose of the purchase. However Semetric up till now has made no statement about this buy out. 

In 2008 we experienced the launch of Musicmetric. It basically provided a way for music labels and other industry clients to track data on sales, Bit Torrent downloads and even social networking statistics for their artists.

This platform also extended itself to YouTube videos and audio streams over the next few years.  Moreover we saw that in January 2013 Semetric raised around £3m in order to expand and extend its business into new dimensions and areas which included e-books, films, games and television shows.

Plus the same month the company was also successful in striking a deal with the renowned streaming service provider Spotify. This was done in order to integrate the company’s data into Musicmetric’s dashboard.

Semetric still remains one of the main ways labels are able to track their Spotify streams. You will also be quite amazed to hear that Musicmetric regularly releases research into online piracy. One such report came out in 2012 which claimed that more than 3 billion songs have been torrented in the first six months of the year. 

Well Apple /4/not discuss its purpose behind the purchase of Semetric but its seems to us that Apple through this acquisition is ready for the company’s planned relaunch of the Beats Music streaming service.

This service was also bought by Apple for $3 billion when it had acquired Beats Electronics back in 2014. Now Apple is thought to be planning to relaunch and rebrand Beats Music and it’s very obvious that it will be under the iTunes brand.

Moreover sources have it that Apple is looking to cut Spotify’s £9.99-a-month subscriptions in order to preload its own streaming music service on every iOS device. Well that is actually some planning by Apple! It seems as if Apple is getting ready for the coming year with full force. 

Source: Guardian

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