Apple Declared To Be Free From The Accusation Of Violating Google’s Patents

Apple Declared to be Free from the Accusation of Violating Google’s Patents

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An appeal court declares that Apple is not being involved in the alleged intrusion to Google’s Motorola Mobility patent while constructing the iPhone

Last Friday brought a great news for Apple as the tech giant is declared not to be found guilty of breaching Google’s patents related to Motorola Mobility in developing the iPhones.

According to Apple Balla, in 2010, Google sued Apple for allegedly violating different patents describing a number of significant functions, including a feature which blocks the customers from inadvertently triggering the touch screen when the smartphone remains on the user’s ear.

Three years later, the International Trade Commission ruled that Apple was not found guilty of violating six of the Google patents.

Recently, Apple has been found to win a series of patent battles against its major competitors. It clearly indicates that the tech giant has a strong resource for bringing outstanding innovations to its products without intruding the patents of other companies.



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