Apple gets Wearable Action Cam Patent while GoPro Shares Fall

Apple gets Wearable Action Cam Patent; GoPro Shares Fell

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  • Apple gets a Patent for High Tech Camera System.
  • Is Apple going to make a GoPro like Wearable Action Cam?

Apple was allowed a patent for a high tech camera system that resembled GoPro in its capabilities. GoPro shares plunged after Apple granted the patent.

Almost three dozen new patents were granted to Apple recently. They are for a singular invention that resembles a GoPro camera. It was two years back that Apple filed for this patent and one year ago it also got a helping hand from Kodak.

PatentlyApple reported that Apple is now granted the patent for making a GoPro like wearable action cam.Apple supplemented the weak points of the GoPro camera system.

The novel camera system by Apple can be affixed to various objects such as a helmet or scuba mask, or at the front of a motorbike and even a surfboard. It could allow for photos along with audio effects to be taken in an underwater situation.

Yes, it is waterproof which is a big advantage indeed. The digital camera has a remote control to boot. Among the repertoire of this device is static images and video clips.

The details are captured in color form. Furthermore, the colors /4/be manipulated and changed like a painting by the user as the picture is being downloaded. It could be mounted on a tripod too.  

Capable of being affixed onto anything you desire, the Apple camera patent however isn’t windproof and can face certain wear and tear from the elements that are present in the atmosphere.

It is essentially a portable media device (PMD) which can be remotely controlled. There are multiple image sensors embedded in the device too.  It can be used for teleconferencing purposes.

There are so many other tiny details that go into the making of this camera. That it borrows heavily from Kodak has been mentioned previously. It is basically a small handy device that serves the purpose of an all-seeing eye that has crystal clarity.

And like the camera is based upon human optics, so this Apple GoPro-like device features full stereoscopic vision that is technicolored to boot. You can’t get any better than this. Apple takes its patents very soberly and seriously.

It has big plans in the future for this little camera that /4/appear to be a puny invention in the present. Apple and Kodak /4/be brothers in arms but the partnership is intact so long as they beg, borrow and steal from one another. The moment the interest factor is over and it is every man for himself, Apple and Kodak will go their separate ways.  

After the news came out that Apple is granted patent for making GoPro like wearable action cameras, GoPro shares decline. GoPro was the start up who got one of Silicon Valley’s largest IPOs of 2014.

GoPro went public in last June at $24 per share. And the company’s shares had gone up 73% and reached highest price of $98.47 per share in last October. However, GoPro shares are now down 42 percent as compared to their highest price in October 2014. GoPro share price is $49.87 as of Tuesday.

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