Apple introduces new iPads into the market

Apple introduces new iPads into the market

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Why the tablet market has matured

Buoyed by a maturing market and the latest statistics indicating that the popularity of iPad is on the decline, Apple is seeking to reignite sales of the iPad tablet computing devices. They have unveiled the next generation of Apple iPads with the iPad Mini 3 and the iPad Air 2. These 2 devices contain fingerprint sensors that will make it possible to shop online at the swipe of a button.

The iPad Air 2 which is more expensive is faster, has a better camera and is thinner than last year’s version. According to Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, it is in fact thinner than a pencil. It also has a display that has been designed to minimize reflections. However, experts are not sure whether making the iPad Air 2 the tablet devices’ twiggy is enough step to reinvigorate the iPad sales of the company, which have been on the decline on the recent past.

One thing that they say is clear is that the new devices will only cause modest sales growth and it will be impossible for iPad to revive the triple-percent growth it witnessed in its first years beginning 2010. According to Ben Bajarin who is a consumer technology analyst for Creative Strategies, the growth was crazy and as at now the normalization of the iPad is as a result of its maturity. He adds that there is no way that it will go back to the 180% growth even though it /4/still grow.

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