Apple says WireLurker can be used to steal user data

Apple says WireLurker can be used to steal user data

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Why you must install from Apple App store

Researchers on Cybersecurity have warned that the new bug, WireLurker in Apple Inc’s IOS operating system can make iPads and iPhones more vulnerable to cyberattacks. According to Cybersecurity Company FireEye, the bug can enable hackers to access the device of users who have installed their malicious apps using tainted emails, text messages and web links.

Hackers can then use the malicious app to replace trusted and genuine applications installed from Apple’s App Store including banking and email programs with the malicious software through what the Cybersecurity firm calls “Masque Attack”. Email login, banking credentials and other sensitive information can then be stolen using these attacks.

According to Tao Wei, a Senior Staff Research Scientist at the well respect Cybersecurity firm, this is a very powerful vulnerability that can easily be exploited. He added that FireEye disclosed the vulnerability to Apple and the company’s representatives said that they were working to fix the bug. Leakages on the vulnerability started appearing in web forums in October where hackers and security experts discuss information on Apple bugs. Wei added that the Cybersecurity firm decided to go public with the vulnerability when the first campaign to exploit the vulnerability was uncovered by Palo Alto Networks Inc. Currently WireLurker which infects both IOS and Mac Computers is the only attacks that exploit the bug.

According to FireEye, users should refrain from installing applications from any other sources other than Apple’s official App Store. They should also avoid clicking “install” on any pop-up that appears from a third party web page.

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