Apple invests $848M in First Solar to build a 130 Megawatt Solar Farm in CA

Apple invests $848M in First Solar to build a 130 Megawatt Solar Farm in CA

First Solar
  • Apple and First Solar will build a $850M 130 Megawatt Solar Farm in CA that will produce Enough Power to run Apple’s Headquarters, All Retail Stores in California.
  • Power will be enough to run 60,000 Homes.

First Solar and Apple Incorporated are involved in a rock solid pact that will benefit both firms in the long run. The goal is the provision of clean energy.

First Solar and Apple have signed a deal that is a pretty huge commercial venture in itself. Apple coughed up $848 million just to have the provision of clean and safe alternative energy from First Solar’s project.

Apple will be obtaining 130 megawatts of energy from the project for a period that lasts a generation. This is the most humongous agreement of its kind ever signed between a provider and a consumer.

The basic goal before Apple is to provide an example to the rest of the pollution-spewing companies to use clean energy instead of the smog-producing energy sources they commonly do employ in their operations.

California is the venue and Apple will try to create a 100% safe and environment-friendly atmosphere at its premises. The company is motivated and committed to the task at hand. Apple is all set to reduce its carbon footprint on the surface of the planet. The solar project is spread out over 2900 acres and is vast in its scale. 

By the middle of this year, the construction efforts will have begun. And by the end of next year, things will be wrapped up. This foray into the unknown by Apple will be a gamble alright. Renewable resources are the wave of the future. And this is the largest, most audacious and freakiest of ventures which Apple is partaking in.

The building of a solar farm as a joint project by both companies (First Solar and Apple) will be a sort of music making via the meeting of two great firms. Tim Cook of Apple said that the time for empty spiel was over and it was high time that action and deeds instead of words became the dominant motto.

The contract that has been signed between the two corporations has been the most comprehensive and extensive of its kind. Apple also plans to provide energy to a data center in Arizona entirely from solar power.

Apple is all the time wheeling and dealing and making and breaking pacts and agreements. The firm has a nature of keeping mattered hushed up till the last moment thus building up suspense in the process. Let’s see where this new iron-clad partnership takes Apple this time around. 


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