Apple Looking To Build An Improved Mobile Payment System

Apple Looking to Build an Improved Mobile Payment System

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Apple is planning to create an enhanced mobile payment service, which is expected to compete with major payment services, including Paypal, very strongly

Apple is setting up a strategy of widening its mobile disbursement service, as the company is reportedly setting up the foundation of the system to allow the customers purchasing physical goods.

The Wall Street Journal states that Apple is looking to create such a system through which the consumers will be enabled to purchase physical products and services, whereas the users can buy only the digital item at present.

According to Apple Balla, with the new payment system, the customers will be able to buy outstanding products and services using their iTunes accounts.

To accomplish the plan, Apple has appointed Jennifer Bailey, the longtime online executive of the tech giant, in a new position.

The successful implementation of the mobile payment service will mark Apple’s entrance in such a field which has been dominated by Stripe and Paypal. And to gain the top spot in the market of mobile payment service, the tech giant must come up with innovative features, which the company is strongly expected to bring.



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