Apple Pay arrives on JetBlue

Apple Pay arrives on JetBlue

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The Apple Pay facility is to arrive in the sky soon via JetBlue. This is thanks to collaboration and cooperation between the two.

Apple Pay is all ready to rumble! Within a time span of seven days, travelers on particular JetBlue airlines /4/avail the Apple Pay methodology on their iPhones 6 and 6 Plus.

This will allow them to pay some extra money for everything from food and drink to refreshments and other paraphernalia. And all this will occur when the airplane is way up there in the sky like superman. Even special seating privileges /4/be gotten via this arrangement.

According to USAToday, JetBlue happens to be the first instance of an airline that is willing to accept Apple Pay while the plane is thousands of feet up in the air. And seeing the success of the venture other enterprises are most likely to follow suit.

The healthy competition will ensure that a monopoly is avoided at all costs. And while shelling out some greenbacks from one’s wallet while seated in an airplane /4/be a difficult proposition, Apple Pay makes this job a cinch. The whole venture started in September and it has seen a surge in business growth over the months.      

They say this is not where it ends. Next up is the Apple Smartwatch through which payments could be made regularly whether on the ground or up in the air. Now wouldn’t this be a fair treat for anyone requiring some amenity on an emergency basis anywhere anytime?

Special iPad Minis will be manufactured for the express purpose of accommodating Apple Pay. Their NFC-enabled covers will also be an additional blessing. These new entrapments will be given out to 3500 members of flight crew.

The FAA however needs to give its seal of approval to the iPads before the various operations in complex payment plans can get going. These iPads also work in tandem with regular credit cards so that is a relief. And the iPads also contain an application that lets the crew be cognizant of any regular fliers.

How this whole procedure works is fairly simple. The passenger raises his iPhone next to a flight attendant’s iPad Mini after making a purchase. The thumb of the buyer is pressed on the verification space on the screen.

The exchange occurs surreptitiously and there is no receipt. You get the balance info via email. The enterprise is supposed to start on intercontinental flights. Later on this fine facility will get extended to virtually every avenue. For one thing, it does away with the hassle of hauling in a ton of cash. Why, it is even better than the use of credit cards!  


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