Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show after 16 Years and 5 Months

Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show after 16 Years

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After 16 years and 5 months on the Daily Show Jon Stewart will be leaving so another will have the opportunity of continuing his comedic legacy.

Jon Stewart of The Daily show is the down to earth funny man we have all come to love and respect as a host, who was not afraid to make fun of the Obamacare or point out the blatant injustice of Israeli forces in Palestine.  

During last night’s segment of The Daily Show, Stewart announced he will be leaving the show soon. At the start of the show Stewart tweeted to his followers for once they might want to stay around until the end of the interview.

The tweet was a reminder to the viewers that a major announcement is about to be made by Stewart, however the audience in house at the time of the show had no inclination. 

Jon Stewart started his statement by proclaiming that 16 years ago he was given an incredible opportunity to pilot the wonderful franchise of The Daily show. Stewart then went on joke that 16 years is the longest, he has ever held a job in his life by 16 years and 5 months.

Jon Stewart in an amusing form declared he is a terrible employee and I his heart he knows it is time for another to take the opportunity. As the audience started to make mournful sound Stewart found another comedic outlet and shushed all the in house audience with ‘Tadabaddad’ and broadcasted to the viewers ‘I told you they didn’t know’ with a smile on his face. 

Comedy Central the proprietors of The Daily Show also issued a testimonial on Twitter detailing their thanks and privilege in working with Jon Stewart for so long.

On a serious note Stewart explained they’re still working on the details, he’s up in September (his contract) but might even hang around until December or June. Stewart has no specific plans but a lot of jumbled ideas in his head; he might even have ‘DINNER’ on a ‘SCHOOL NIGHT’ with his family, who according to multiple sources are lovely people. Stewart stated he will not try to sum up the wonderful time he had on the show, because that would be impossible to explain and he’s going to thank a lot of people in time as he will still be here tomorrow. 

Earlier in the show Stewart interviewed the political author David Axelrod regarding is new book. Axelrod in return tweeted that it was an honor to have conversed with by Jon Stewart and it is an emotional night. 

In his own words Jon Stewart loves and respects the people on the Daily Show and he is going to miss being on air. A member in the audience replied with a hoot of ‘We love you Jon’ followed by a spirited applause. Stewart lastly proclaimed hosting the show was the honor of his professional life and he loves the viewers for watching it even if they were hate watching it!

Watch below the video of Jon Stewart announcing he is leaving The Daily Show after 16 years and 5 months.


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