Apple promotes World AIDS Day 2014 in conjunction with (RED)

Apple promotes World AIDS Day 2014 in conjunction with (RED)



Apple Incorporated is promoting World AIDS Day 2014 in conjunction with (RED).

In order to hold World AIDS Day 2014, Apple got in synch with the top application creators and courted a variegated clientele to lend (RED) a helping hand. And the objective is an era that will be rid of the scourge of HIV.

The coming fourteen days are crucial since during them the App Store for (RED) will lend 2.5 applications with brand new in-formation that will go towards funding the Global Initiative against AIDS.

Apple also gave away most of its sales revenues to retailers and cyber stores on the two days that see the maximum economic stimulus. That would be Friday, 28th November which has passed us by and Monday, 1st December which would be today.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, spoke of how the present of renewed life was the best present that anyone could give someone else on this planet. Since the past decade or so, Apple had been fighting the ravaging disease on the African continent. And this year was no different to the previous times. Yet a lot needed to be accomplished. 

Apple has turned its logo of the crunchy fruit bitten from the side into a red colored one. And all the proceeds from the sales of its products over the weekend will be going to support the Fund against AIDS.

The (RED) campaign started from November 24th and will last until December 7th. Apple will reportedly donate $75 million to the Global Fund. And it is not just the elimination of the deadly virus that is at stake here. Apple wants to get on the humanitarian and philanthropic bandwagon and thus give business a beautiful face instead of an ugly one.

Among the long list of initiatives /4/be included:

Angry Bird games which have a (RED) Mighty Feathers feature;

Bubble Witch 2 Saga;

CSR Racing which lends kicks via the Mercedes Benz-AMG GT;

Clash of Clan Warriors;

Clear whose employers can use (RED) in their operations;

Cut the Rope 2 which created several new products;

Despicable Me: Minion Rush which got a makeover;

Djay 2 spin tables which turned (you guessed it)(RED);

FarmVille 2: Country Escape;

FIFA Fifteen Ultimate Team;

Frozen Free Fall; Garage Band

and the famous Kim Kardashian Game.

There are many other things which will occur on the eve of the event. Heads Up! is one of them. And The Human Body is a guide on how pathogens invade the immune system and how the body can be protected from the AIDS epidemic via precautionary measures. Finally a cookbooks or two will get thrown into the mix for extra emphasis. 

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