Apple Watch App monitors Glucose Levels for Diabetics

Apple Watch App monitors Glucose Levels for Diabetics


Finally, an Apple Watch application is developed for the purpose of monitoring glucose levels of diabetics. And it is expected that this app will be available on Apple Watch in April.

DexCom has built an app that can work in conjunction with an Apple Watch and show glucose readings of diabetics thereby saving the day for those afflicted with the disease. This of course lends the device and software a foot-in-the-door as far as entry in the biomedical market is concerned.

The glucose meter reads the blood sugar levels on a constant basis. The info /4/be read in the form of a line graph on the screen of the Apple Watch. By the time the Apple Watch will arrive on shelves in April, this app will have been perfected too.

There has been no word regarding the whole cooperative enterprise from Apple. They have however given leases to many companies to develop multiple apps in synch with their smartwatch. And health care and medical procedures figure somewhere among the long list of applications developed for Apple.

Meanwhile, the FDA has been eyeing these developments with a wary eye. They have however loosened up after many software experts whose offspring had a severe form of diabetes developed a foolproof application in cyberspace. It will go a long way towards ending the scourge that is diabetes. 

Thanks to these software experts, the rapid progress of the medical industry took place and now the field of IT can be said to be contributing immensely to the vision of the healing arts. Nearly 29 million Americans are diabetic.

A small percentage of them are Type 1 which is a nasty ailment indeed. The malaise disallows the conversion of glucose into energy. Insulin shots along with daily monitoring of glucose levels is a must for such patients.

The DexCom monitor employs a tiny filament that penetrates the skin and keeps track of blood sugar levels at all times. Thus they are kept from becoming too high or too low both of which are hazardous to health.

And while sometime back the FDA looked down upon computerized glucose monitors, now it is allowing their use as standard medical equipment that  is reliable and trustworthy. The efforts of the group of dedicated software engineers who got together to develop the app cannot be discounted so easily.

They are indeed the light-bearers of the future. The day the last diabetic is cured as far as his or her illness is concerned, these brave souls will be remembered with fondness for they have hastened the process of diabetic prophylaxis. 

Source: WSJ


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