LG along with Google Cardboard introduces VR Mobile Headset for G3

LG along with Google Cardboard introduces VR Mobile Headset for G3


LG G3 along with Google Carboard have introduced VR mobile facility in real life for eager consumers.

LG and Google have taken on the onus of presenting a VR (Virtual Reality) amenity to consumers. A VR facility for G3 customers is currently available. It functions in tandem with Google Cardboard. The users of the mobiles /4/play games and experience various toy-like features of virtual reality on the platform thanks to both LG and Google.

We all know that VR has the computer user enter the environment that is simulated as if it were an alternative form of reality. And this VR facility is vastly different from the others. Whereas they have their own systems and screens for displaying the different version of reality, in this case there is a far more featherweight and efficient delivery device in the mix.

The audio and video capabilities function smoothly without a hitch whatsoever. With the Quad HD display, the picture resolution is much higher and crystal clear to boot. As for the design of this piece of futuristic equipment, it has Rear Key layout among its components. This is a vast contrast to the side volume rockers of other mobile phones.   

The VR device employs the 1W speaker and Boost AMP in order to lend greater timbre and sound effects to the experience maker. And the gadget /4/be combined with Bluetooth headsets for a richer and quality-wise better environment.

The design basics /4/be obtained and a do-it-yourself kit /4/be used to build the VR device at home. This is for those on a budget who want to construct the thing domestically instead of having to pay for it in the marketplace.

The magnet and gyroscope on the device allows users to go down the scroll on the personalized menu that is on offer. And the beautiful thing is that this can be done without touching any buttons or panels.

The only act the consumer has to take part in is the insertion of the smart phone in the viewing space. The whole enterprise is still in its nascent phases and VR has a long road stretching out in front of it before it becomes a household word.

Until now VR was a special service only available to the select few. But now thanks to LG and Google it will be disseminated throughout the populace and become a common practice. 


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