Apple Watch battery /4/disappoint some

Apple Watch battery /4/disappoint some

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Low life will barely get through the day

As the Apple Watch gets closer and closer to its rumored release date, more and more information is starting to come out about the hardware and the apps that will come with it. This past week seen information that came out about how the battery will function for the Apple Watch. This latest news /4/be a turnoff for some, especially those folks who will want to use their Apple Watch as much as most people do with their smartphones ie. iPhones.

In a report that was recently published in the San Jose Mercury News, sources say that the Apple Watch will need to be charged nightly. One good thing is that company testing has shown that when the watch is in the timepiece rest mode that the watch battery can last up to 19 hours. If a person chooses to use the Apple Watch and constantly using the applications, the battery has anywhere between 2 ½ hours to 4 hours of battery life. The blog 9to5 Mac believes that if the Apple Watch is put in sleep mode that the battery could last in upwards of three days. The thing is that it is very doubtful that people will want to put their Apple Watch in sleep mode once it comes out on the market.

With this new Apple Watch battery news coming out, there are going to be some consumers who are going to be turned off and swayed away from buying the smartwatch. Some analysts believe that if the Apple Watch is able to come out with some very good and cool apps that the battery life issue will not matter. By far it will be the apps that will measure the success of the Apple Watch. One thing that for certain is that the Apple Watch will not have the battery life of existing smartphones but will be able to process and access the internet just like they can. Again, if Apple and its developers are able to come out with some very good apps, the average consumer will not really even care about the battery life of the Apple Watch.

Source: Mercurynews

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