Apple Watch Could See A Spring Launch

Apple Watch Could See A Spring Launch

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After lots of speculation, we could have solid intel on the Apple Watch’s release

The announcements coming from Apple over the past year have been very exciting, although the Apple Watch was perhaps one of the most appealing. Not included in the announcement, however, was the release date that the devices will go on sale.

There were rumors that the vague statement of an “early 2015” release were due to the fact that Apple was having problems designing a few features of the watch. In particular, the battery was reportedly giving them trouble, although the final product will still only last for a day before requiring a charge.

Angela Ahrendts, the new chief of retail operations, sent out a video to employees in which she detailed the Spring release of the $349 smart watch. She encouraged the retail employees to save up their energy for the holiday season, but pointed out that there wasn’t going to be much of a break before Apple launched their latest revolutionary product, drawing people back into their stores. Tim Cook has also been talking to employees about the launch, holding a meeting with their retail employees and informing them that not only are they going to be selling Apple Watches, but they are going to be helping people try them on and instructing them on how to change out the different bands that are going to be available.

We still don’t know the specific date, but this narrows down our expectations. More updates on the release date, as well as pre order information, should be coming soon.

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