Apple Watch Details Surface Before March 9 Event

Apple Watch Details Surface before March 9 Event

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The Apple Watch event is on March 9. The excitement is building and more information surfaced before the complete reveal of the Apple Watch.

Apple will reveal on Monday, March 9 the Apple Watch in full. Apple gave the world an early look at the Apple smartwatch last September. The Apple Watch will go on sale in April. Some new details about the Apple Watch have surfaced and also snarky things like the Apple Watch Scandal Name Generator. How do you like Charge Farce, or Watchageddon.

The Apple Watch has a secret port under the strap connector. This could be enabling smart bands or it could also just be a service port that will not be in the retail versions of the Apple Watch. Smart bands would though be a powerful concept. Consumers could enhance the Apple Watch with additional sensors like GPS, FM Tuner or even just additional storage.

In a new Bloomberg report about Apple’s secret labs┬áit was revealed that Apple recommends to Watch app developers to make their apps to be used for no longer than 10s at a time. So forget about a Fruit Ninja Watch App.

Tim Cook will likely focus a lot on the Apple Watch apps during his presentation at the March 9 media event. Apps are a crucial factor that have made the iPhone the big success it is today. Apple will try to recreate “There is an App for This” effect for the Apple Watch. There are already signs that this will work. The first Fart Watch App has already been announced. Fart Watch turns your Apple Watch into a remote-controlled fart machine.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has dropped some details lately about the Apple Watch including that you can shower with it. The Apple Watch is not water proof, but water resistant. There was also a recent report that revealed that the Apple Watch will have a power reserve mode, where it only displays the time to conserve power.

At the March 9 event, Apple will reveal the pricing of all three Apple Watch collections. So far we only know the $349 price point for the Apple Watch Sport edition. The predictions on how expensive the edition models are going to be are astronomical in some cases. We have seen reports that see Apple charging $10,000 for a gold Apple Watch.

Apple is also expected to detail how listening to music will work on the Apple Watch without the iPhone. Apple only said so far that you can go for a run and listen to music on your Apple Watch. Obviously you need Bluetooth headphones to do so. Pretty sure Apple will offer a special Bluetooth Headset designed specifically for the Apple Watch to get the accessory business going around the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch event is on March 9, 10am PDT. Apple is streaming this media event live online. Read our in-depth Apple Watch History report.


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