Apple Watch Hack Can Enable Web Browser

Apple Watch Hack Can Enable Web Browser

Video shows how you can run web browser on the tiny screen of the Apple Watch

Developer and jailbreaker Comex has revealed something rather interesting about the Apple Watch. In its video, we are shown how to hack the device so it can run a web browser and this revelation was dawned upon them after a few tweaks and tampering of the device. However, browsing through the internet on the tiny screen of the watch is close to impossible as you might have imagined already. But Comex has tried to render the Google page according to the small form factor of the Watch.

Now we understand why Apple hadn’t included its Safari web browser on the Apple Watch and we weren’t also expecting to find it on the device. It is pretty much understood that looking at web pages on that tiny screen is very much impossible.

The video nonetheless is very impressive. They have shown how an Apple Watch can run the arbitrary code and this pretty much seems like the first step towards jailbreaking the Apple Watch but we are not yet sure if details of this hack are ever going to be made public or not.

The UI in the video appears to be very familiar to the iOS UI we are accustomed to seeing and has the Copy/Define contextual menu. The OS 1.0 on the Watch is a versio of the iOS 8.2 which has the ability to display a device specific UI. This is similar to how Springboard works for the iPhone and iPad.

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