Apple Watch To Come In 34 Designs

Apple Watch to come in 34 designs

The Apple Watch smartwatch will launch in April in 34 designs. This is an overwhelming portfolio to choose from. There are three collections with Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. Find your style now in the Apple Watch gallery below.

The Apple Watch will be coming on to the consumer market within the next two months and buyers cannot wait. While they will not be able to actually hold one until then, more and more information about the watch is coming out. One thing that consumers can know is that the Apple Watch will have 34 different designs and nine different faces which also have millions of customizations readily available.

The big difference between any of the Apple Watches are the cases. The Apple Watch will have rounded off corners and will have the same rectangular shape and design. There are three different case collections and they are Watch, Sport, and Watch Edition. The Watch is a stainless steel case and comes in a variety of different colors. The Retina display of the watch will have a sapphire crystal makeup that is very similar to the touch screen that you see on an iPhone. This sapphire material is very tough and scratch resistant and has been noted as the hardest material on the planet next to the almighty diamond. Then there is the Apple Sport. It is the lightest of the watches and ergonomically is ideal for the active consumer out the there. The watch has what engineers call an aluminosillicate face and it helps with keeping the lightness of the watch.

Then there is the more expensive of the group and it is the Watch Edition. The watch has an 18 karat gold case and is the watch that will be stored in a safe at all Apple retail outlets. The watch will also come with matching leather bands. For all of the watches there will be six different band styles and they will come in a variety of 18 colors. Apple notes that these bands will be easy to change because they come with a special sliding and lock mechanism.

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