Apple Watch to start Shipping in April, says Tim Cook

Apple Watch to start Shipping in April, says Tim Cook

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The Apple Watch is to start shipping in April of this year according to the CEO, Tim Cook, who is himself wearing one currently.

Apple has always been rather hushed up regarding its new products that have not been released yet. Yet this time around, its CEO clearly told the public during Q1 2015 earnings call that the Apple Watch will be rolling out to consumers in April of 2015.

The watch is a gem of a device and will give other brands such as Pebble a run for their money. The low end version will probably sell for around $349. The Apple Watch comes in three versions and consists of five brands.

As for Tim Cook, he himself owns one and said very positively and enthusiastically that he loves operating it and cannot imagine life without this gadget in it. The whole venture got off the ground in September of last year.

And although rumors had it that March was the month when shipments would start relaying the gizmo to consumers, actually it has turned out to be April (and no this isn’t an April Fool’s joke). 

Besides the fiscal year of 2015 being propitious for Apple, the Apple Watch is  one among many products that will get launched soon. Also the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the two smart phones that will wow the crowd of techno-freaks for sure.

And there are several other odds and ends of equipment that Apple has in its repertoire. As for the battery life of the Apple Watch, it unfortunately is not satisfactory at all. It merely lasts about 19 hours at maximum and that too on an approximate basis.

The prices of the various beautiful models this watch comes in are undecided too. Besides the $349 for a standard version, the rest of the various types of the watch have price tags that remain a mystery.

But it will be a mystery that will be history soon since the prices will eventually get revealed along with any flaws and foibles. The Apple Watch is part of the company’s agenda of revealing new products during the first four months of the year.

That is the way Apple divides the year…into three equal parts of four months each. Apple /4/have a surprise or two too that it will introduce at the last moment. But for now, in the words of its CEO, Tim Cook, every moment is a happy one with the Apple Watch strapped onto his wrist.    


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