Apple will dominate Samsung

Apple will dominate Samsung

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Appleā€™s record numbers prove just that

When Apple CEO Tim Cook announced this week that his company had set record breaking sales during the fourth quarter of 2014, it pretty much came as old news. Every consumer in the world has known that Apple puts out the best computer products. There are few if any companies in the smartphone, PC, and tablet market that can rival the numbers that Apple put up in the final four months of last year. Samsung thought they could do that but they have seen their profits fall. That downfall can only be attributed to the success of Apple.

Samsung execs and major analysts are first to tell you that it was Xiaomi that caused the recent sluggish numbers by Samsung. Xiaomi is Chinese based and there has been a boom over the past couple of years for technology in the country. This is far from the truth. The new Apple earnings report showed that Apple was able to increase their Chinese sales by a whopping 70 percent over the course of last year. It certainly shows that the Chinese are embracing technology but it most definitely shows that Chinese consumers prefer Apple over any other company.

Apple and Samsung are by far the top two mobile phone providers in the world. Sales numbers over the past two years have shown just that. Samsung in 2013 actually was ahead of Apple in sales but since then they have faltered. Analysts have been able to note a nearly 70 percent drop in their sales. Apple on the other hand have seen nothing but booming sales. The final quarter of 2014 seen $18 billion in profit for Apple and the majority of those sales were because of iPhone sales.

Apple will dominate Samsung because they are simply the best in the business. Samsung lost a $1 billion judgement for patent infringement back in 2012 and since then has seen their profits falter. Who was the company that they decided to steal from? Yes, you guessed it. It was Apple. Apple is known for innovation and it is that innovation that will always make the iconic company the best when it comes to any kind of computer based device.


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