Apple Will Hire Security Guards on Permanent Basis

Apple will hire Security Guards on Permanent Basis

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Apple will hire several security personnel on a permanent basis. This measure is being taken in contravention of standard procedures employed in Silicon Valley.

Apple Incorporated is thinking differently, alright. Recently, the high-tech giant decided to recruit security guards on full-time duty instead of on a contractual basis. An Apple spokeswoman confirmed this news to San Jose Mercury News. These security guards will receive the same treatment as the rest of the valued employees. 

In other words, they won’t be chosen on an ad hoc basis. Rather, they will be a permanent fixture on the Cupertino-based office premises of Apple. It’s been approximately 365 days since Apple began surveying the scene and now its top execs have made the wise choice of having its security staff selected on a constant foundation instead of on a mercenary level (so to say).

The contractors, acting as middlemen, will be done away with, as far as their favors are concerned. Among the benefits accruing to the Apple security guard employees will be medical insurance, a golden handshake upon retirement, and maternity leave. A huge number of security personnel will form the new employees arriving on a long-time basis at Apple.     

However, contractually-hired security guards will still be employed time after time for emergency purposes. Otherwise, the new system will be used from now onwards. This change of rules at Apple shows that its thinking and philosophy is flexible and not rigid. It bends like the willow instead of breaking like the oak.

The demand was quite insistent regarding the basic human rights of the security personnel who are engaged in a lot of the menial services on Apple’s campus. The perquisites that were supposed to be theirs were denied from them. But now that won’t be the case anymore. Justice has been done.

Apple sought its model of proper provisions for security guards by following Google’s example. The Big “G” had been on a similar track, and it had announced awhile back that it would hire about 200 security staff members. This earned Google a whole lot of praise.

Now, Apple is about to imitate its rival in a bid to outdo it. Apple’s previous record of rash treatment of its workers had come under fire and so now these rectifying steps were being taken. Other workers in different organizations are also gathering together to protest regarding what they claim is their birthright. It is indeed a revolution in rising expectations that we are seeing here.  



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