Apple’s New Ad for iPad shows How it Makes Music

Apple’s New Ad for iPad shows How it Makes Music

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The new iPad ad titled “Change” coincided with the Grammys 2015.

Apple has come up with a new ad for its iPad that was coincided with the Grammys. In this new ad Apple shows three artists who are using the iPad to make their music. The ad gives a view how the iPad and its software are able to make beautiful and loud music. 

In the ad we see DJ-producer Gaslamp Killer making amazing music with the help of his iPad. In the ad Gaslamp is seen with Swedish indie-pop singer Elliphant and British producer Riton. The ad was premiered during Sunday night’s Grammy telecast.

The ad has been directed by So Me who is also the animator behind Kanye West’s ‘Good Life’ and Justice’s ‘D.A.N.C.E’. Even more interesting is that the whole ad has been filmed on an iPad using only the Manual Camera app.

Well for Gaslamp Killer the iPad has become an essential tool as we also see in the ad that he uses the iPad in both his live sets and recording studio. The iPad has definitely changed the way for DJ’s as now instead of using big controllers they only need two turntables and a tiny iPad. 

The new iPad ad also shows Elliphant writing her song ‘All or Nothing’ just using an iPad and shows that the device is being used for recording, live performance, documentation and production. The ad also reflects Apple’s recent Beats acquisition.

Even the tagline of the ad is ‘everything changes with iPad’ and tells the viewers about a new iPad website. Some of the apps that have been shown in the ad include Apple’s own GarageBand which is for the sole purpose of songwriting, iMPC Pro which is an app used for production, Manual Camera which is an app for filming videos and Serato Remote which is an app used for live performances. So with this one ad Apple has quite successfully shown all the new features of its iPad along with all of the new apps that can be used with the iPad. 

Apple has been facing falling sales numbers and this is mainly due to the competition in the tablet market. Even with all the competition Apple generated $8.985 billion in revenue from its iPad sales. This increase is mainly due to the increase in the Chinese market where net sales increased 70% year over year. The revenue from the sale of iPads accounted for more revenue than Apple’s Mac business did.

Moreover the new iPad as follows some rumors of a revamped Beats Music subscription service. The company is believed to relaunch its Beats Music later this year during the company’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference. 

After this ad at least all the music lovers out there, especially those that love to make music will definitely run after acquiring the new iPad. The timing of the ad by Apple, with the Grammy Awards was perfect as Apple would have been able to target the right customers that are the music lovers. 

Watch Apple’s new Ad for iPad Air 2.

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