Apple’s New ITunes Tumblr Blog Makes It A Household Word

Apple’s New iTunes Tumblr Blog makes it a Household Word

iTunes Tumblr

Apple’s new iTunes Tumblr blog has virtually made it a household word.

It /4/as well be the wisest decision it has taken so far. Apple’s setting up of a Tumblr blog for iTunes was quite a radical step and one that will make it a player among the ranks of many others. The blog was closer to the heart of Apple’s design philosophy than was originally presupposed.

Among the long list of features shown on the weblog page are songs from every genre, films of every hue and type, a wonderland of television programs and last but not least paperbacks whose content is available to be read by anyone.

The personal posts that are there include pictures, video clips and anime GIFs of various singers, musicians and actors. The good news is that those who frequent the blog /4/share these with their friends and family on a regular basis.

Currently, the blog shows the best of iTunes cultural content in the year 2014. In the past, Apple was guilty of employing Tumblr for fraudulent advertising purposes. The present day iTunes account has over 6 million users. This year, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, took a further step by liveblogging its official media event.   

The main things that Apple delved into on its iTunes Tumblr blog included pop culture at its best throughout the year 2014. The blog also has a “see all” button that when clicked allows social sharing with other members.

Among some of the highlights /4/be included: Guardians of the Galaxy, The LEGO Movie, Fargo and Gone Girl. Many famous artistic and talented celebs such as Nicki Minaj and Charli XCX are there to be explored as far as their cultural creativity is concerned.

Guardians of the Galaxy is our pick for Best Blockbuster. #iTunes2014 #GOTG

Fotka zveřejněná uživatelem iTunes (@itunes),

Apple is in peak form and enjoying its success on a worldwide basis. Its products are the top most selling items in the store shelves throughout the global markets. And its design philosophy is so perfectionistic that it could only have been made that seamless and circuit packed by a brain of the dimensions of Steve Jobs.

Apple is not new to a dilettantish dabbling in new fields and novel territories. And this experimental existentialism has only benefited it immensely. Apple truly is the product of its choices. And even where it refuses to reveal all, that in itself is a negative choice too. The company credo still has it that the ocean of inventions and discoveries lies before it.   

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