Google Self Driving Car Prototype is Finally on the Road

Google Self Driving Car Prototype is Finally on the Road


The first complete prototype of Google’s self driving car is definitely on the road.

The project which began with Google launching a self driving vehicle is nearly at an end. Or at least the prototype of this driverless car is on the roads and working like a perfect mechanism. The holiday season is here and this seems to be the perfect present from Google.

Originally word got out that the vehicle was in the pipeline in /4/of this year. But it was still an incomplete thing and didn’t even have proper lights to illuminate the way for further driving. Since that day models of models have been constructed and now finally a roadworthy sample has been introduced.

Among the systems that are just waiting to be tested are steering wheel competency and the ability to apply dead brakes. Then there are the various computerized items and super sensitive parts inside the car.

The really satisfactory thing is that this vehicle is now totally functional and good to go. This is the first time such a product or rather consumer durable has entered the outer world and it is all thanks to Google’s lab workers.

The main thing is that while anyone can try and turn an ordinary run of the mill car into a driverless vehicle, it is quite a different deal to build one from scratch. Pedals and mirrors were missing in the beginning yet now they have been provided for.

And while even now for safety’s sake, drivers are often out in the vehicles, in the future when this car will be driving itself autonomously there will be no such thing. Other projects begun by Google include wearables such as Google Glass and the employment of nano particles to fight tumors.

Google is of course known for its moonshot and so the laboratory which belongs to the huge search engine giant keeps churning out many novel gadgets and gizmos. Coming back to the driverless car, it has an outer covering that has software embedded in it that can detect important changes in the outer environment.

The road can be detected and thus driven on by the self driving car. Then this means of transportation is custom-made meaning that it was not created in a cookie cutter style. Rather it got made according to certain specifications that solely belonged to Google. And so it is the season to celebrate and rejoice!    

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