Apple’s Plans for a Cambridge Office amidst hiring of a UK Team

Apple’s Plans for a Cambridge Office amidst hiring of a UK Team

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Apple has plans for a Cambridge office sometime in the future amidst its hiring of a UK team from Map App Pin Drop.

Apple Incorporated is definitely into expansion. That is why it has been conquering regions around the world via its smart technology. The UK is one place it has its eyes set upon. Within a matter of a month or two, it might build an office in Cambridge.

This is occurring at the same time as a team from the UK consisting of five individuals will be hired by Apple. They belong to the outdated mapping app Pin Drop. Along with this, its rival Google is also increasing its presence in the UK. Awhile ago Google had merged with two AI and machine learning setups in the UK.

Google wants to work in tandem with Oxford, which is a veteran competitor of Cambridge. Google already owns Deep Mind, an AI company based in the UK. As for Apple’s hired individuals, their loyalty does not signify any acquisition of Pin Drop or Caffeinehit, the parent company.

A month ago, Pin Drop’s owner announced that they would be closing shop due to lack of funds. Pin Drop allows you to share locations that you can pinpoint on the map. It’s owner said with a certain degree of sadness that he had been waiting for a miracle but it never materialized. 

The owner wanted his employees to get jobs after the failure of Pin Drop though. This he noted with satisfaction had happened. The former members of Pin Drop have been hired by Apple as is evident from their LinkedIn sites. Mapping is something at which Apple is far behind Google. And so this hiring serves the purpose of increasing its mapping abilities.

Meanwhile, Apple will have a huge office on 90 Hills Road in Cambridge. The building is a novel creation alright. Furthermore, it lies at the center of the business area. In the beginning the total number of people at Apple’s site in Cambridge will probably be less than two dozen.

With the passage of time it might increase to 40 individuals. Now that is what is called progress. The building is built on more than 9000 square feet of solid space. It is spacious and beautiful to behold.

And it has a parking lot in the basement along with a terrace on the roof. Cambridge will surely prove to be a Godsend for Apple. Cambridge is a nexus of technology and will immensely benefit the Cupertino-based company.

Source: TechCrunch

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