Arwa Damon, CNN Reporter, sued for Violent Behavior

The CNN correspondent, Arwa Damon is being sued for violent and rash behavior while drunk. She reportedly bit and injured two EMTs who were trying to help her.

Arwa Damon, CNN Reporter, sued for Violent Behavior



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Arwa Damon, CNN Reporter, sued for Violent Behavior

CNN has had a lawsuit filed against it and is being sued to the amount of one million dollars for the belligerent behavior of one of its correspondents. 

Arwa Damon, who has her base in Beirut and works as a correspondent for CNN is in trouble for her extremely obnoxious behavior while in a pickled state. 

She was inside the premises of the American Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, when she suddenly lost her senses and acted in a very rash manner. In her stoned state she became violent and a public nuisance. 

TMZ obtained the lawsuit, according to which Arwa became “seriously intoxicated and became unruly and violent.”

The law enforcement authorities arrived soon and two EMTs, Tracy La/3/and Charles Simons, tried to control her externally when she bit them both. 

Arwa also injured the two by her rough acts and they ended up with lacerations on their bodies. She injured knees and elbows of Simons said and also bruised Lamar.

It was while she was being manhandled that Arwa said that she was a correspondent for CNN. Thus she was trying to ride on the coattails of the large media network that has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Arwa is known to have a history of violent and abusive behavior. She is known to become unruly and surly even when in a normal state of mind. 

The two EMTs are suing both CNN and La/3/for a million dollars each. Representatives at CNN weren’t aware of the whole ruckus. “We are not aware of the alleged lawsuit and therefore have no comment,” a CNN spokesman said. 

But the lawsuit claims CNN hired Damon knowing she “has a history of becoming intoxicated and then abusive,” and a “penchant for violence even when sober.”

A source told Page Six, “The State Department prepared a report on the incident, which was sent to CNN.”

David Jaroslawicz, lawyer of the two EMTs, said, “To get so very drunk and attack people who are trying to help you is somewhat disturbing, particularly as a reporter.”

Later on when 36-year-old Arwa recovered from the alcoholic stupor she was in, she had the sense to apologize in the basest of ways before the two EMTs. She wrote an apology email to US Embassy staff for her rash and violent behavior.  

She wrote a note of contrition to them saying that she had been without food for the whole day when the incident took place. 

“I want to extent my sincerest apologies and my deepest gratitude to all that were involved in helping me out,” she wrote in start of e-mail.

Furthermore, she spoke of how she was absolutely exhausted and that the alcohol had a disastrous effect on her mind. Arwa even said that she was not conscious when the event occurred. 

“It’s been an extremely stressful time, I was exhausted, I had not had proper food all day and clearly miscalculated how my body would handle the alcohol consumed. I thought that I was fine, and then suddenly, clearly I wasn’t,” she explained.

“Needless to say, I am utterly mortified and take full responsibility for my actions, which are inexcusable,” she added.

She said that such behavior was beneath her dignity and that she was ashamed of having bitten the two EMTs. Arwa sought the forgiveness of the people she had inadvertently harmed during the chaotic episode. 

She added, “I know that everyone was just trying to help me out and I am being filled in on the details of my behavior. I am beyond embarrassed. My actions and words were entirely out of my character, and I hope that everyone can at some point forgive me.”

It is an obvious matter of ethical emptiness when you have two EMTs who are trying to help you and instead of being thankful you bite them both. Read her complete apology here.


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