Aston Martin to Offer Tough Competition to Future Car Brands

Aston Martin to Offer Tough Competition to Future Car Brands

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The car company that manufactures the Aston Martin is to offer some tough competition to future brands.

Car companies are always looking forward towards some one-upmanship with each other. Now, the GT car company has decided to literally deconstruct and reconstruct its supercars and thus create better and bolder models for the future. 

Two years from now the whole landscape of luxury vehicles will be entirely renovated. Aston Martin is a well-known and highly acclaimed brand that has a competitive edge to it. 

It is fine in the level of comfort it affords its drivers and is a cinch to steer on the open road. And while the company that makes Aston Martins has faced insolvency in the past, it has stuck to its traditions of making the best wonder-wheelers this side of the global village. 

But the real issue lies in its performance. That is where the Aston Martin lacks in its overall repertoire and reputation. The fact that the Aston Martin is behind other brands in this matter makes for a dismal record. 

Other cars such as the Ferrari or Lamborghini have overtaken it. However, this is about to undergo a radical shift. The car company is ready to start a competitive drive that’ll blow away the rivals like pillow fluff. 

The all-new DB9 will make them eat their heart out. Among the features of this super vehicle are an AMG V8 engine and double turbochargers that will provide the much-needed propulsion. And the newest electronic gadgetry and technology that Mercedes has at its fingertips will get installed in its basic interior. 

All the coolest and funkiest stuff such as partial cruise control and stabilization as well as digital maneuverability will end up being fitted in this car. This of course throws the gauntlet to Ferrari which will be given a run for its money. 

Meanwhile, Hanergy, a Beijing-based solar cell company has also teamed up with the Aston Martin Company to provide a little assistance. It plans to provide solar cells for various small functions in the racing cars. This will free the fuel supply for the car’s basic functions.    

“We can now manufacture photovoltaic solar panels that are thin, lightweight and flexible, with world leading performance” explains Jason Chow, Executive President Hanergy Global PV Application Group.

“We are interested in developing these for cars, so that, for example, a thin layer of cells can be applied to the roof or rear windscreen to power the air-conditioning or other ancillary functions without affecting the performance of the car or using the fuel or battery source.

“The engineers at Aston Martin Racing are helping us to apply our technology and eventually to put it to the test in the most extreme of automotive environments.”

Current FIA WEC regulations require all GT cars to have an AC system installed in order to keep cockpit temperature below 32 degrees centigrade. High temperatures always affect the race cars negatively. But running AC means race car will loss engine power and that affects the fuel efficiency of the car in a  negative way.

“It’s a bit of a balancing game at the moment,” explained Dan Sayers, Chief Engineer at Aston Martin Racing. “The air conditioning system uses engine power, however, keeping the drivers cool and more comfortable is essential. If we can find a solution that keeps the driver cool without the negative effects on performance then it could have a really positive impact on GT racing.”

Therefore, Aston Martin Racing is working with Hanergy Global PV Application Group to introduce solar power technology in its Vantage race cars. V12 Vantage GT3 and V8 Vantage GT4 race car would first get this technology after development.



“We aren’t looking at solar power technology for our race cars because it is a green option,” explains Aston Martin Racing’s Team Principal John Gaw.

“We are looking at how we can use the power of the sun to improve the comfort of our race cars for our drivers and therefore increase our performance on track. However, we are looking at how we can improve our green credentials as a business now that we are moving to new premises.”

Source: Yahoo! News, MotorSport

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