At CES 2015, You will learn How to Plan, Execute and Win in 2015

At CES 2015, You will learn How to Plan, Execute and Win in 2015

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Patrick Stroh is the author of Business Strategy; Plan, Execute, Win! The book will be featured in Gary’s Book Club on Wednesday during the International CES 2015.

Business executives for the past two months have been talking about the same thing that the year 2014 was a very good one, maybe even great. However these executives are all worried about how they are going to keep up with this success and maintain this momentum in the year 2015. This is a great deal to be worried about and so what are going to be the many hurdles and opportunities in 2015 for these businesses is going to be discussed below.

Speed and agility is very important especially nowadays in this global economy. Faster and smaller companies have started to dominate certain markets. So it is very clear that a company needs to respond quickly and adapt quickly to the changing trends of the people and the world around them. Any company that does not move fast will be out of the competition.

Globalization is very important and companies now need to concentrate and with a globalist perception. Companies need to avail opportunities and markets in countries around the world. There are 196 countries in the world, so just see how many opportunities will be opened up! Even if you take a look around you, you will realize that the companies without boundaries are the ones winning the race. 

Companies need to realize the use of the Internet and take advantage of it. Nearly 2.75 billion people have Internet and nearly 1.8 billion of these people are in developing countries. Moreover companies should also have in mind the demographic shifts around the world.

China and India are two such countries who have a fast rising middle class and their population numbers are rapidly increasing. That is why companies need to take advantage of this and so companies need to have a plan about China and India and social technologies. The last thing these companies need to think about is talent utilization. 

So everyone loves to talk about new products and why not, after all its new and its fun. But the biggest problem is how to fund these new product developments? This is where the role of the leaders comes into play. Leaders need to vey carefully think keeping all the things in mind that what will be the best product to invest in or reinvest in. 

Do not miss out Patrick Stroh who will be present at the CES 2015 on Wednesday 7th January where his book ‘Business Strategy; Plan, Execute, Win!’ will be featured in the Gary’s Book Club. The CES 2015 is going to be held in Las Vegas and will run for 4 days from the 6th to the 9th of January.

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The CES 2015 is the world’s largest gathering place for businesses that thrive on consumer technologies. CES 2015 by holding such sessions is providing its exhibitors all the vital things they need. Consumer Electronics Association owns and controls the CES 2015 and this year the CES 2105 will be host to 3500 exhibitors. So do not miss it! 

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