AT Game Wizard allows you to draw your own Adventure Time Games

AT Game Wizard allows you to draw your own Adventure Time Games


The Adventure Time Game Wizard was an app released by Cartoon Network for both iOS and Android devices yesterday. This new app allows you to participate in a wide range of activities. These include printing your own play sequences.

The app is termed AT Game Wiz and it lets its owners design their very own games which they can later on play to their heart’s content. Now young techies have the facility to draw and manipulate colorful objects in a 2D environment. And it has a secret glyph language to boot.

You /4/put all sorts of obstacles and booby traps not to mention hurdles in your game environments that you will get to build out of scratch. You even get to automatically sketch the games on paper.

The Cartoon Network has made this AT Game Wiz. CN released this game wizard which had a demonstration given of its repertoire of abilities last September.

Based on Pixel Press Floors, it has been manufactured in conjunction with Grumpyface. All sorts of objects can be created in cookie-cutter-style in the space provided by this great game. In fact, it truly brings life to the digital zone. 

Some of the characters from the AT world include among their ranks: Jake, Finn, BMO, Ice King and Princess Bubblegum. As for Doodle Wizard, it is a funny figure that has the voiceover of “Weird Al” Yankovic who is the same singer who sang such parody songs as Like a Surgeon and Just Eat It.

By sketching and etching the game plans on paper you can later on bring them to life on the monitor of your computer and play them as you /4/wish to. The facility is available on the App Store for approximately $5.

You /4/even construct your own levels within the structure of the game you design. What this apparatus allows on a basic platform is the reactive creation of fun-filled movable avatars that act on screen after being related to each other in accordance with the desires of the designer.

The story began with a Kickstarter Campaign that kicked off to a good start two years back. Now finally colorful and interesting cartoon characters /4/be formed from the very lines, shapes and hues of the universe we inhabit.

It seems as mankind is on the verge of technological singularity, so the younger generation too will benefit from the rich environment engendered by its ancestors and make its own series of valuable contributions to a future time when it will have reached adulthood. After all, they are the children of many lands and they hold the key to humanity destiny in their hands.

Download Adventure Time Game Wizard Android App.


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