Beats Headphones Creator designs a smart nightlight

Beats Headphones Creator designs a smart nightlight

Photo Credits: Leeo

  • Neeo nighlight
  • Detects fire and CO alarms
  • Alerts emergency contacts

Here’s a A Nightlight That’s Constantly Listening For Smoke And CO Alarms

We certainly cannot deny the practicality and ease of the new smart systems for home installations and though these new products of technology make life easier and safer, they are at the same time quite a hassle at the time of the installation process which gets real messy. Installing new smart house tech would mean having to get rid of older systems already installed in the house and put in the new thermostat, light or whatever you have bought from the scratch. And then there is the long procedure of having to figure out how it syncs up wirelessly. So far these problems have kept potential customers away from installing tech related stuff in their homes.

However, these problems have been looked into and a solution is precisely that Leeo has been working on with its secretive Palo Alto-based startup which emerged from stealth last month and announced that it managed to raise $37 million and their team of people include tech pros from products like Beats headphones and Guitar Hero and companies like CIA-backed big data company Palantir and robotics company RoboteX. Now that everything is in place, the company is ready to kick start their new project and make it into a real product.

The first product from the company is going to be a smart nightlight which will be designed by Beats headphones creator Robert Brunner. Now the ‘smart’ thing about this light is that it is constantly going to keep itself alert for any smoke or CO alarms. It actually has the ability to filter out the rest of the sounds in your house and then it listens to the exact frequency these kinds of alarms make. This is how the light works for protection; in case any such alarm is picked up, an alert will be sent right out to the emergency contacts to let them know that a fire alarm has gone off.

So we talked about Leeo coming up with a solution and the solution is the hassle free setup of this nightlight. The installation process here is relatively simpler with uses only having to plug the device into the wall, download the app and connect it to WiFi. The device will cost $99 and will be equipped with humidity and temperature sensors.

source: leeo

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