Best iOS-Exclusive Games

Best iOS-Exclusive Games


Game developers have a much easier time creating and maintaining games for Apple devices due to the uniformity of the device hardware and software.

What this means is that there are many games that are exclusively on the Apple App Store for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch! Here are some of the best:

  • Device 6 by Simogo Handelsbolag – Device 6 is a unique game that provides a fascinating story through a thrilling mystery game. Depending on your ability, this game can be completed in a few hours, but most players agree that it is still an enjoyable experience. Simogo has created a game that has surprisingly free of major bugs like many apps released by other developers. Device 6 is a polished creation that entertains both casual and veteran gamers alike.
  • Infinity Blade Series by Chair Entertainment – The Infinity Blade video game series currently consists of Infinity Blade, Infinity Blade II, and Infinity Blade III. Each is a fighting, action role-playing game with impressive graphics and controls that are intuitive. The storyline is so interesting that novels were written to accompany the games. It is one of the fastest-grossing apps in the entire history of the App Store and continues to be a favorite of many gamers.
  • Republique by Camouflaj LLC – Republique is a stealth-action game with voiceover actors from popular games such as Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil. The game was released after a successful Kickstarter campaign and the video series “The Making of Republique” is available as an in-app purchase so you can learn more about the game’s creation and development. It is currently available for both iPhone and iPad, but the latter device is recommended for a more immersive experience due to the larger screen.
  • Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar by Electronic Arts – You do not need a desktop computer to play a multiplayer online role playing game thanks to Ultima Forever! Spend hours with friends or other players completing quests and exploring dungeons for equipment. This latest release from the Ultima Franchise is set decades after the story of Ultima IV in the same world. Unfortunately, the game is not supported on the iPhone 4 (although it works on the 4S) and 4th Generation iPod touch devices.
  • Disco Zoo by NimbleBit LLC – NimbleBit, the developers of popular games such as Tiny Tower and Pocket Frogs, release their games on the Apple App Store months before hitting Android stores. In fact, some of their apps are not released for Android devices at all. Our favorite of these is a fun game called Disco Zoo, which combines a Battleship-type hunt to rescue animals and the Farmville-type management of a Zoo with a cute twist – you can throw disco parties for your animals! It sounds a bit ridiculous, but the game is very charming and fun to play.

These are just a few of the applications only available on the Apple App Store. Developers /4/eventually release versions for Android devices, but iOS devices get the first chance to check them out.


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