beyerdynamic to debut Custom One Pro Plus and Custom Street Headphones at CES 2015

beyerdynamic to debut Custom One Pro Plus and Custom Street Headphones at CES 2015
  • CES 2015 is the next launch pad for the new range of beyerdynamic headphones, Custom One Pro Plus and Custom Street.
  • Both will be available at $299 and $169.

Custom One Pro Plus is designed for custom use for android phones and best for gaming, interacting and music. Custom Street is the style at the go on the streets with enhanced music features and 16 trendy covers. Both the lines come with an array of accessories that will be available to purchase at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and the beyerdynamic official website.

Consumer Electronics Show is the international platform where companies all over the world promote and showcase their products. The showcase includes innovative gadgets and electronic gear. It is the platform for world technology available for use. 

It was possibly the best platform for beyerdynamic to launch their new headphones ranges. Beyerdynamic (GmbH & Co.) is a German company based in Heilbronn. The company profiles itself for the innovative creations of audio products with superior sound technology and technological pioneer ship. The company scopes to reach three markets i.e. Conference, Pro Audio and Consumer.

The company provides specially designed products for professional and custom use. The company is valued for hand assembling the products in Germany and prides itself for leading innovation in sound related technology with the products ranging from Hi-fi headphones, microphones, conference gear and interpretation systems.

The Custom One Pro Plus is the next in line model following the company’s hit range of Custom headphones line. The headphones are especially designed for personal customized use. The features, design and the sound of the headphones is what makes them a catch for the music loving customers.

The Custom line put beyerdynamic on the map of interactive headphones. The new line contains more features setting new foundations for customized use hence the Plus but there are definitely more features to look forward to.

The headphones come with two connection cables which allows the users to replace the standard plug-in supply line. The cables have 6.3 mm (1/4”) jack adapter and its very standard headset cable. Yes, the headphones are adaptable to all Apple gadgets and most android phones allowing maximum compatibility for a private use of the headphones.

What makes it more exciting is the attached flexible headset. So getting calls is totally possible and brings a new experience for hand free calling, online gaming and Skype calling. So you are probably used to an all black, all metallic or all white headphones. Beyerdynamic offer not one or two but 16 stylish cover designs. The range includes the headband, ear cushions, rings and covers of the earcup which are available in different designs.

The users can assemble their own personal style headphones for a more stylish and personal look. The designs to look out for are graffiti, iconic TV test pattern from the 80’s (for the vintage lovers), leopard print for a feisty look and for the new generation of hashtag lovers, a hashtag design ‘#happy’.

You can’t get enough of the style when it comes to your headgear. It is also flexible earcups so you can always dangle them around in your neck. With so many stylish covers, it would be a perfect neck wear as well that’s also cool. 

If you’re worries about the sound quality, the Custom line is keeping true to its original Sound Sliders. For those of you who don’t know what those are, Custom Sound Sliders are variable bass reflex vents on the earcups that allows users to regulate the amount of music bass.

This allows the users to adjust the sound profile of their headphones to suit their music style. The variation includes bass from intense beats to balanced reference monitoring and back via adjustable ports. So it’s not just a music experience, it’s a statement. To grab a pair they are available at assigned stores and the official beyerdynamic websites.

So Custom line was not done until it also produced a headphone that was for the streets. With the musical experience on the streets with the festivals and Euro concerts and DJ events all over the globe, what does a music lover want when he is out on the streets?

As traditionally the goal, the Custom line is based on individuality. The Custom Stree headphones come with the sound sliders allowing the beat adjustment which is perfect for blending your own SoundCloud playlist or palying your music proudly at parties.


Cutom Street headphones are especially designed for use on the streets. So they come in two colors, black and white. The earcups come with sound sliders and can turn at 90 degrees so wear them around your neck. The detachable cord comes with Kevlar coating so you don’t have to worry about stepping on it. The cord is adaptable to android phones, smartphones and Apple gadgets.

The earcups come with Sound sliders and with 16 different cover designs. It also has a flexible gooseneck headphone for online gaming and calling experience so you get all your social interaction with high sound quality on the streets. The headphones are available at $169 on all retail stores and website.

To headphones were featured in the international CES held at the legendary city of Las Vegas at Las Vegas Convention Centre from 6 to 9 January and can be bought in all available retail stores or ordered online. 


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