Beyonce 711 Ring Off Leaked Ahead of Album Launch

Beyonce 711 Ring Off Leaked Ahead of Album Launch

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Beyonce has two of her latest singles, 711 and Ring Off, undergoing a media leakage before the entry of her album in the market.

Christmas time is close enough. And two of Beyonce’s songs titled 711 and Ring Off have been leaked before their official debut. Half minute clips of the two songs were surreptitiously leaked online and her fans went crazy.

Today however the songs have been exposed in their full form and they are breathtakingly beautiful to listen to. 711 is very acute in its lyrics and is a hard-driven song with fast delivery. The pumping beat sounds rather in-your-face as Queen Bee tells her fans to clap it as well as flex it.

The way she commands attention in the song, you almost feel Bey is a dominatrix. Her other song Ring Off is much more balanced and soft-spoken than the first number. The  ballad is about her mom and dad although there were rumors of the tiff between her and Jay Z being the main bone of contention that got mentioned in the song. The lyrics often make mention of the words mama and you in them.   

Beyonce basically addresses her mother and praises her for the way she put up with her dad’s infidelity. She goes into the way her mother used to look in the mirror at her reflection and comb her hair. How the tears used to well up in her eyes is also talked about.

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Finally, Beyonce advises her mother to be proud of who she is since she is a strong and brave woman. In a way Ring Off tells of her mother and father’s divorce and also goes deep into the split between Beyonce and her father who was also her manager way back then.

Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter World Tour was underway too. She is now a mother with daughter Blue Ivy whom she dotes upon along with her hubby Jay Z. Most of Beyonce’s songs deal with life’s small happiness’s and sensual delights. It is rare to find a song that deals with separation as its main motif.

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711 meanwhile is a funky and spunky song that has Beyonce bring the cameramen into her hotel room where she engages in a lot of booty shaking along with several other girls. Beyonce is at the top of her game currently as far as her music goes. And Jay Z had better be careful lest he rub her the wrong way and end up without a woman in his life.  


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