Bill Cosby can not Appear on David Letterman due to Rape Accusations

Bill Cosby can not Appear on David Letterman due to Rape Accusations

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  • Bill Cosby in Deep Trouble after Rape Accusations.

The comedian and television star, Bill Cosby is in deep trouble after certain rape accusations have surfaced against him.

A storm is gathering strength as allegations against Bill Cosby have come up that are shocking in their details. He supposedly raped and engaged in sexual crimes several decades ago with many women. In fact, Bill was all set to arrive on David Letterman but instead the appearance was cancelled.

It was not clear whether the cancellation was made by the former or the latter. As for the show organizers they had no comments to make on the matter other than a perfunctory set fo remarks on the booking process. Regis Philbin, who is the favorite replacement character on David Letterman is to fill in the slot left vacant by Cosby.

And while Cosby did appear previously on Comedy Central and The Tonight Show, he also cancelled an appearance on the Queen Latifah talk show. Seems like the man is under pressure. An erstwhile actress named Barbara Bowman posted a story regarding Mr. Cosby’s illegal acts which he committed against her.

According to her he gave her intoxicants and repeatedly raped her in the mid 80s. This was during a time period when the actress was working as an apprentice and protégé under Cosby. 

BTW, it was during this selfsame period in time when Bill was a regular part of the Cosby Show. Another lady named Andrea Constand had filed a lawsuit about a decade back against Cosby and she had claimed that 13 other women had also been sexually assaulted by the comedian.

One of these was Barbara Bowman. The issue was hushed up and a certain amount of money was handed over to quite the voices of the ladies which had been assaulted by Cosby. But Cosby and his lawyers have said that no such thing occurred.

Twitter meanwhile is aflutter with talk of Cosby being a sex maniac and rapist. The ugly round of comments that are getting more and more critical have plagued Cosby. Another comedian also engaged in a rant against him on stage recently.

The side effects of Cosby’s past /4/yet continue to haunt him for the rest of his days on earth. Barbara Bowman claims on a site she wrote an article for that Cosby drugged and raped her when she was just a confused 17 year old.

And when she tried to report him to the law enforcement authorities it was no go since he was such a famous figure whereas she was just a nonentity. But today she is going to tell the world what goes on in the entertainment world where famous sugar daddies end up molesting innocent women much younger than them.

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