Bill Cosby faces New Challenge as a Man also joins Accusing Women Gang

Bill Cosby faces New Challenge as a Man also joins Accusing Women Gang

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The comedian, Bill Cosby faces a new challenge as the accusing women have ganged up on him and in fact plan to bring a lawsuit against him soon. And a former NBC employee Frank Scotti also accused Bill Cosby for paying off women.

A past victim of Bill Cosby has tried to include all the rest of the women who have accused him of sexual wrongdoing to jump on the bandwagon and bring a class A lawsuit against him in the courtroom. Louisa Moritz says that the Black American comedian tried to introduce his reproductive organ into her mouth in fellatio fashion before a show in 1971.

At least nine other women are to join her as supporters of her claim since they have grudges of their own. Moritz says that so many women cannot be wrong since it is their multiple words against his solitary word. She had waited all these years only because of having had no one else come out with the truth.

But now that several women had blurted out the ugly fact that Bill Cosby drugged and raped them, the man must get his comeuppance. He is a bad man and a sex pervert and ought to be put behind bars or even castrated for the way he ruined so many women’s lives. And now an ex-NBC employee has made a startling revelation.

He was a fixer for Cosby way back in the good old days when Cosby was the king of comedy. He used to stand guard outside the door of his apartment while Cosby made his conquests. Frank Scotti is the name of the man and he divulged the fact that he sometimes paid the beautiful models whom Cosby used so mercilessly up to $2000 directly from Cosby’s checkbook to keep their mouths shut regarding the hanky panky. Scotti is currently a nonagenarian.

He said that he decided he ought to tell the truth since he felt sorry for the women who had all suffered immense trauma thanks to this egomaniacal monster named Cosby. Most of the payments were made during the 80s. One of the women was Shawn Thompson’s daughter Autumn Jackson who to this day claims that the comedian was her biological father.

The comedian has paid in excess of $100,000 to Thompson according to Scotti who wants to get this burden of memory off his back once and for all. Of course, Cosby was using Scotti as the beard behind which he could carry on his illegal activities.

Scotti never suspected it but did get suspicious later on. Finally, today he has spoken his share of the story. According to Scotti, Cosby was the most selfish person on earth. He considered his life to be the new year’s eve of time.

Sources: TMZ , NYDailyNews

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