Bill Cosby removes Meme Generator Link due to Rape Allegations

Bill Cosby removes Meme Generator Link due to Rape Allegations

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Bill Cosby has asked the internet trolls to make memes out of his old pictures.

The legendary comedian has asked people to make memes out him using meme generators on the internet. He asked the people to make the memes and use the #CosbyMeme on twitter. There were a lot of posts on twitter and it became a trending event at one point.

The resulting memes were brutal and now Cosby would wish that he didn’t ask people to make memes of him. What the generator does is that it helps people put words onto the images. The users that make the photos can then share those photos on the internet.

The generator from Bill Cosby’s website was removed and no explanation was given on why it was removed. All of his four million fans were worried about the type of memes that would be made by the trolls. There have also been allegation of sexual assault on the big star.

There have been a number of women that have come forward and accused the comedian of wrong doings. He was accused of targeting young girls in the 1970s. Since 2002 there have been 13 women that came forward and said that Bill had abused them.

The star of The Cosby Show and Fat Albert had to settle a lawsuit which was filed in 2006. He had sexually assaulted a woman back in 2004 and that was at his home in Philadelphia. The comedian was accused of giving her giving her pills and then sexually assaulting her.

We can see a number of allegations on the legendary star and they simply won’t go away. People took photos from The Cosby Show and made memes out of them. Whoever was in charge of Bill Cosby’s website, went on the site and wrote “Go Ahead. Meme me! #CosbyMeme.

That is when people started to make memes out of him. Some of the pics were very offensive as one of them said “Claire have you seen my …never mind, found my raping hat”. One meme said “My two favorite things, Jell-O pudding and rape”. Another said “Look at this wacky shirt I’m wearing, also I am a serial rapist”.

Now Bill’s media manager has said to be gone underground. Bill Cosby is not going to be happy with his media manager and his job might come under jeopardy. The legend was about to come on the Queen Latifah’s talk show.

Now his booking has been postponed so that the people wouldn’t go mad when he comes on the show. Cosby went on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert shows without any incidents. Rape accusations are still emerging from the dusts and now he is hoping that the sexual allegation reports would stop.

Souces: SMH , CNN

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