Bill Cosby’s Rape Accusation List Increases as Another Woman Confesses

Bill Cosby’s Rape Accusation List Increases as Another Woman Confesses

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Bill Cosby has also been accused in the past when he had to settle a civil suit brought against him in 2006.

Bill Cosby who is famous for his comedy roles and is also an activist, author, musician and television producer has recently been blamed for rape. His major break came in the 1960s in the action show I Spy. Recently the past few weeks have not been that great for this comedy star and he has been accused of sexual assault. 

Joan Tarshis, a publicist, has recently written an essay on Hollywood Elsewhere this Sunday. In the essay she has accused Bill Cosby of raping her twice when she was 19 years old while she was working for him in 1969.

She explains that she had flown to New York and met Cosby through two female friends who had invited her at a lunch with Cosby on the Universal lot where he was shooting The Bill Cosby Show.

She explained that she was invited back a few more times by Cosby as he had developed a liking for her and was always generous with offering drinks, though he never drank himself. Then she explains the details of her fist rape.

She reveals that Cosby had asked her to stay after shooting and help him on some material. She explains that she was very happy and delighted. He then made her a drink and the next thing Joan remembers is wakening up on his couch undressed.

She also revealed that while she was in a state of unconsciousness due to the alcohol she tried to be smart and told Cosby that she had an infection that he could also get. I also explained to him that due to this his wife would also come to know that he slept with another girl but Cosby she explains was in no mood to listen to her. Joan tells us that she was disgusted by what was happening and she was disappointed that the man she idolized was actually such a lose character. 

Later Cosby invited her again to the Westbury Music Theater and as she could not see a way out, she had to go. The publicist went to Cosby’s hotel room where she was offered a drink by Cosby and then they went to the theater.

There she had no seat and so had to stand at the back and soon she started to feel dizzy and could not even stand up properly and the next thing she remembers is that she woke up in Cosby’s bed naked. This story has been revealed by Joan after nearly 20 years. She explains further that she wants the public to know the real face of Cosby and not to take him as a perfect man. 

Recently another woman from Arizona, actress Barbara Bowman has also accused Cosby of raping her in the mid-1980s and admitted this on Washington Times on Thursday. This is not the first time Cosby has had to face such allegations. She was accused in 1997 by Shawn Upshaw, who had been his lover in Las Vegas and again in 2006 by another woman with which he had to settle a civil law suit. 

Despite all these allegations a comedy series Cosby is working on has not changed its plans. Well unless proven guilty everyone is innocent then why not poor Bill Cosby! 

Sources: Variety , TheWrap

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