Bill Nye explodes Patriots Balls Deflate-Gate Myth: Nye Refutes Pats’ Story

Nye Refutes Pats' Story: Bill Nye explodes Patriots Balls Deflate-Gate Myth

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The scientist Bill Nye has exploded the Patriots balls deflate-gate myth, which was perpetrated by Bill Belichick.

The Patriots coach Bill Belichick tried to deny any fault of his team players in the playoff by saying in a press conference that the balls were deflated. But according to Bill Nye, scientist extraordinaire, this is rather a case of a bad workman quarreling with his tools.

There was apparently nothing wrong with the footballs and, no, they didn’t deflate under the weather conditions. Bill Belichick was saying that the surrounding temperature was responsible for the leather footballs deflating. Nye begs to differ though.

According to him if such was the case than the finding would have tallied with science. But, in fact, science proves that no such deflation took place so that leaves Bill Belichick high and dry.

Furthermore, Bill Nye waved away the hypothesis that by rubbing the ball, it could be deflated. He said that a needle would have to be inserted into the tough exterior leather in order to deflate the ball by even the slightest margin.

Amidst allegations of cheating, Nye still professed that he was a Seattle Seahawks fan and wanted them to win despite his scientific professionalism.  

Even some comedians on SNL made a hell of a lot of fun of the claims made by Bill Belichick. They engaged in parodies and satires of Bill and the Patriots. It was hilarious and a laugh riot alright.

This blame game has gone far enough. It was time to deflate the huge egos some of the coaches and star players had. The fact remains though that most of the balls used in the playoff were deflated.

But Bill Belichick’s theory that the deflation was due to rubbing them the wrong way was more of an impossibility. Bill Nye took issue with that and said that it was virtually a paradox and that Belichick was playing games.

The weather conditions that Bill Belichick gives credit to for the under-inflation seem to be a case of any excuse being good enough for an evildoer. According to Belichick the balls were deflated by as much as 1.5 pounds per square inch.

Nye said though that Bill’s spiel was simply nonsense masquerading as horse sense. This whole setup reeks of controversy and when weirdos like Bill Belichick enter the equation you have the perfect recipe for disaster.    

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