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While we already have the first Black Friday 2014 ad, last year at this time several Black Friday ads have leaked.

Last week the first Black Friday 2014 Ad has been published online. It was again the Harbor Freight Black Friday ad. Since then though only one more Black Friday 2014 ad has come forward. Yesterday the Half Price Books Black Friday 2014 Ad got published. That ad is not that exciting and is also just a single page. So when do the interesting Black Friday 2014 Ads start to be released? Black Friday Countdown already predicted that the Walmart Black Friday 2014 Ad will be released on November 11. This release date is based on when Walmart released their ad in previous years.

The second week of November is the week when you can expect most Black Friday 2014 ads to be released. There will be several Black Friday ads from smaller retailers that get leaked or intentionally released earlier over the next two weeks. There is always a chance that a real Black Friday ad leak happens. The chances of that decrease each year as retailers keep closer control about the release of their Black Friday Ads. 

A couple years ago the leak of the Walmart Black Friday ad made CNN headlines. In recent years Walmart took complete control over their Black Friday ad. They know how big the marketing value of the ad is for Black Friday.

Black Friday ad site, BFAds has some spare time while no new Black Friday ads leaking right now and made some nice looking graphs that show when Black Friday ads got released or leaked in the past three years.

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When is Black Friday 2014? Black Friday 2014 is on November 28th.
Again Black Friday retailers will have a whole month to market Black Friday 2014 deals and their highly anticipated Black Friday 2014 Ads. We will  bring you extensive news, ads, deals and reviews of all what Black Friday 2014 has to offer and will guide you to the hottest bargains like we did in the past years.

If you have a question about Black Friday, send a message to our Black Friday Expert.

Refer to our Black Friday 2014 Schedule and to the Black Friday 2014 Store Hours to plan your Black Friday 2014 shopping.

The Black Friday sales event is bigger than ever and extends into the steadily growing Cyber Monday sales event. Cyber Monday 2014 will be on December 1, 2014.

Check out the lists of the best Black Friday 2013 Deals the best Cyber Monday 2013 Deals, to set your exceptions to which deals you can expect this year. It is not clear yet if we will see any new hot product trends for 2014. So far it looks like we will again focus on TVs, Tablets and smartphones. Last year the new Xbox One and PS4 did not play a role in Black Friday sales. That will change this year. We will see great Sony PS4 Black Friday 2014 deals and Xbox One Black Friday 2014 Deals.

Check out Black Friday 2014 Countdown to find out how many days are left to wait until Black Friday 2014. New to Black Friday? Check out this in-depth report on the history and secrets of Black Friday.

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