Black Friday and Cyber Monday Compared

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Compared


Should you wait for Cyber Monday and skip Black Friday? Below we explain the difference between these two big sales events.

Black Friday 2014 Sales are underway. We count over 12 Black Friday 2014 sales that either have fully launched or offer a selection of the advertised Black Friday deals. Each year there is discussion about if Black Friday is worthwhile to shop or if it is better to wait for Cyber Monday

The answer is that you should shop both sales to make save the most. The reason for this is that Cyber Monday deals are not better than Black Friday deals. Retailers offer different deals on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday.

Cyber Monday deals tend to feature higher quality products at lower discounts. On Cyber Monday we have not see Black Friday doorbuster deals like $79 32-inch or $199 50-inch TVs.

Just take a look at last year’s Top 25 Cyber Monday deals. There are no “shocking” deals like featured in the Black Friday 2014 sale. In our Top 100 Black Friday 2014 Deals list you see lots of breakout deals that offer deals that you will not see on Cyber Monday.

As the Black Friday online sales is now establishing itself fully on Thanksgiving Day we see an increase in the sales volume. While analyst still see Cyber Monday 2014 having a higher sales volume, Black Thanksgiving Day is catching up. The combination of a Holiday and more doorbuster deals being also available online make Black Thanksgiving bigger.

So my advice. Don’t waste time contemplating which sale is better and rather look at the deals at hand. The Black Friday 2014 deals are on sale now already. For instance you can get the Lego Movie Blu-ray for $3.99 now on Best Buy. Don’t expect such a deal on Cyber Monday.

The Walmart Cyber Monday 2014 Deals have been already revealed. Walmart’s Cyber Monday 2014 deals confirm what I said above.

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Cyber Monday 2014 is expected to generate $2.6 billion in sales. Black Friday sales are predicted to reach $2.48 billion.

Cyber Monday, a term coined by in 2005, got established when retailers saw a trend of consumers shopping online on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Today, Cyber Monday is viewed as the online equivalent to Black Friday. Cyber Monday 2013 is expected to a huge sales day again this year – most likely the biggest.

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