BlackBerry Classic now gets a gold version

BlackBerry Classic now gets a gold version

Photo Credits: mavang

The gold plating costs $350 and adding the cost of the phone would total up to $650

The trend of having more luxurious versions of already higher end phone brands has been escalating as of recently but BlackBerry’s introduction on this bandwagon is something of a newer trend. This time it is the newly released BlackBerry Classic which is going to receive a gold makeover. The phone was released last year in December and was targeted towards the original BB lovers who wanted to have the contemporary BlackBerry feel inside a brand new smartphone. What the customers ask, the company gives.

The phone now has a 24k gold plated version being offered by the Vietnamese luxury brand Karalux for the business professionals who wouldn’t mind having a little sparkle on their handsets.

The outer stainless steel frame of the phone has been adorned with a valuable metal coating and the same treatment has been given to the keyboard row separators. The back remains as it is with its formal black but the company branded gold plate below the keyboard shows where the enhancement has really taken place. This gold plate can be experimented with in different ways as you go about customizing it your own way; you can have a text written on it or engrave any logo on it.

It takes about 4 man-hours of work to get through the process of gold plating and will cost you 7,000,000 Vietnamese Dong which is equal to $350. So the total price (including the price of the smartphone) is going to turn out to be $650.

source: mavang


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