Blake Griffin Has Been Sued For Assault in Las Vegas

Blake Griffin Has Been Sued For Assault in Las Vegas

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  • Griffin charged for assault
  • Assault took place at strip club in Las Vegas
  • Case to be heard on December 8
  • Could serve 6 months in jail

Blake Griffin Has Been Sued For Assault in Las Vegas

Los Angeles Clippers star, Blake Griffin has been caught on the wrong side of the law. Apparently, the player is facing charges of physically assaulting a fellow patron at a strip club in Las Vegas.

USA Today has learned that Griffin‘s hearing has been scheduled for December 8. The law suit was actually filled on Friday and so the star needs to get a criminal defense lawyer to protect him.

As a matter of fact, the star could be put behind bars for up to six months. The court documents indicated that a surmon has already been served to the twenty five year old player.

Since the case will be heard within Las Vegas, it would be better to get a lawyer who operates from within for the sake of convenience. The Clippers issued a statement stating that they knew about Griffin’s case.

The victim is said to have reported the incident to Las Vegas authorities a month ago. Police records indicated that the victim’s name is Daniel Schuman. The victim argued that Griffin grabbed him by the neck and confiscated his mobile handset. He also added that he was slapped in the face by the star after taking a photo inside the club.

Perhaps Griffin thought the victim was taking pictures of him without his permission. As a matter of coincidence, Griffin was in the said club with fellow Clippers. Clippers had gone to Vegas to clash with Denver Nuggets.

According to Inquisitr, the assault took place at Tao Nightclub. Everyone were enjoying themselves until Griffin spotted a man holding a camera in his hand. It is at that point that the player decided to confront the said man and ordered him to surrender the camera and his phone.

Daniel was not going to give out his precious gadget easily and that is what caused Griffin to strangle him in an attempt to convince him to let the phone go. Though Griffin won the fight, Daniel was determined to get what was rightfully his and so he followed the Clippers forward and pleaded with him.

Contrary to his expectations, the star turned around and tried to strangle him for the second time. The club’s security rushed to the scene in response to the commotion.

Daniel argued that instead of rescuing him, they were ordered by Griffin to throw him out of the establishment.






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