BMW Revealing OLED And Smart Laser Technology At CES 2015

BMW Revealing OLED and Smart Laser Technology at CES 2015

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  • BMW will display a new concept vehicle at CES 2015
  • OLED will be used in the taillight
  • The smart laser will be applied in the headlight

BMW states that it will apply new technologies in the headlights and taillights of a new concept vehicle

BMW is looking to bring an outstanding innovation in its cars, as the company will introduce OLED and smart laser technology at this year’s CES.

According to BMW’s press release, the OLED will be used in the taillight, while the smart laser will be applied in the headlight. These headlights and taillights will be applied in a new concept car which will be unveiled at CES 2015.

Despite the laser light sounds a bit scary to be used in the headlight, it will provide more efficiency than the LED. The laser headlight produces 170 Lumens per watt, which is a significant increase from 100 Lumens per watt of the LED headlight. Moreover, the laser light can reach such a distance which is about two times more than the LED. Though the laser system was applied in BMW i8, the US consumers were deprived of the specific feature, as it had not been approved by the Department of Transportation.

The OLED technology might be used only a few smartphones and televisions, but BMW has a big plan for it as well, as it enables the surface of a luminescent in any chosen color. It provides a significant advantage, as it allows the creation of different light designs in the taillight, consequently paving a way for using diversified patterns in different situation.

The car lovers are really excited about not only the new BMW concept vehicle but also its features. Keep in touch with I4U News to get the detailed information.



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