Bond Spectre Movie Cast Unveiled

Bond Spectre Movie Cast Unveiled

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It is official. Christoph Waltz is going to play the villain in Bond Spectre. The bond girls are Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux.

The 24th Bond movie is titled Bond Spectre. The Bond movie franchise held a big press event in London today presenting the cast of Bond Spectre. As reported earlier, Austrian 2 time academy award winner Christoph Waltz is going to play the villain in Bond Spectre.

See the photos from the Bond Spectre Reveal

The bond girls are Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux. Monica Bellucci will play a character named Lucia Sciarra and Lea Seydoux is Madeleine Swann. Monica Belucci still looks amazing at the age of 50. 

Christoph Waltz’s character in Bond Spectre is named Oberhauser.

Also confirmed is the role of wrestler Dave Batista as Hinx. As the name somewhat implies, Hinx is a henchman. Andrew Scott known from his role as Jim Moriarty from BBC’s Sherlock aslo scored a role in the new Bond movie Spectre. His character’s name in Spectre is Denbigh a MI5 man.

Sam Mendes is directing Bond Spectre. Other cast members of Bond Spectre include Ralph Fiennes (M), Ben Wishaw (Q) and Rory Kinner (Tanner).

The new Bond car is an Aston Martin DB10. See the hot photos of the new Bond car in the gallery along of photos from the Bond press event.

The new Bond movie is already in production and filming is underway. The plot of Bond Spectre is of course still secret, but Bond fans know what Spectre is. Spectre stands for Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. The evil organization was led by Blofeld in the first Bond movie Dr. No

Bond makers only revealed today about the Bond Spectre story that Bond is going to find out the terrible truth behind Spectre. Read more in our Bond Spectre news round-up.

Bond Spectre is the fourth Bond movie with Daniel Craig. I am already getting excited to see the new Bond. We still have to wait until October 2015 to watch Bond Spectre in movie theaters.


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