Bounden Game Review


The Bounden is a fantastic game app which features different styles of dances in a very unique way. It is an app which is one of its kinds and people wouldn’t have experienced anything like this before. It has a good following and the app always had an increased curve of popularity since it was launched.


  • The game app has a file size of 42 MB.
  • It is a two player game maximum
  • Supports all iOS devices and Android platform as well
  • The game can be downloaded for $3.99 from your respective app store.

In Use

As told earlier, the game is ideally designed to be played by two people but it can also be played alone where you can do a lot of creative things with dancing. The game asks each user to hold one side of the mobile phone and on the screen, a crosshair moves according to the dancing moves of the user. The crosshairs on the screen ideally need to be directed through a number of markers by the users. 

It is a must condition that neither of the player should move their hands off the mobile device until the game session is active. The game would then be a great fun and there will be loads of turning and twisting and dipping just as the game goes on. The game app also taunts you by saying ‘what are you doing?’ and several other things when it notices something weird.



  • The app has several universal styles built-in which you can practice on.
  • An ideal thing to enjoy with your friend or partner
  • It makes you learn dance along with the enjoyment of the game.


  • The game sometimes is very slow especially with earlier versions of iOS devices


It is a great, fun app to be used between two partners which will make you learn dancing and also entertains you at the same time.

Download links: Apple iTunes, Google Play



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