Boyz II Men Sing at High School in Philadelphia

Boyz II Men Sing at High School in Philadelphia

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  • Boyz II Men Performed at Philadelphia High School
  • Group has new song ‘Collide”
  • Event organized by SiriusXM


Boyz II Men Sing at High School in Philadelphia

Boyz II Men have returned to the roots of their musical career. According to Phylitrib, the boys band sang their favorite songs at Philadelphia high school. The boys, Nate Morris, Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman, owe their career in music to Philadelphia School of Creative and Performance Arts (CAPA). The boys had gone to perform to the students in a gig that was organized by SiriusXM Heart & Soul .

It’s been 20 years since the four guys met and formed the most successful group on the planet. In fact the group does not need any introduction at events. Any one who was there in the mid 90s can connect with their most popular record, I Will Make Love To You. Though most people thought the group had either retired or broken up, they have been traveling through different parts of the world to promote their music. Michael McCarey is said to have exited from the band but the three who were left carried on with their passion of entertaining the masses.

The concert was meant to inspire upcoming artists in the school. There were approximately 40 learners that were selected to perform alongside Boys II Men. In a performance dubbed Up Close and Personal with Boys II Men, the stars sang their top hits and even performed their new record Collide that will be released this week.

“We are thrilled to be a part of Boyz II Men’s homecoming as they play a special, private concert for SiriusXM listeners at their former high school in Philadelphia,” said Scott Greenstein, president and chief content officer, SiriusXM. “The event and exclusive broadcast is an exciting and unique way to celebrate the release of the Grammy Award winner’s new album.”

“We are just excited for the state that our career is in,” said Nate Morris. “When we first started this we were just excited. Now we are back at the point of our lives where we can enjoy doing the music because we want to because we’re in a real relaxed comfortable spirit. So, that is the type of music that we recorded; that’s the type of music that we plan to put out — it’s different from your average Boys II Men record, because it is not your typical Babyface ballads all over the place. They are just all good songs that we enjoy recording, and we didn’t care who wrote them or what genre they came from: we just made good records that had a lot of fun.”

“The crest is just respect for one another and recognizing what we represent to each other, musically loving it the way that we do — and God,” explained Wayna Morris. “Christ has always been in the forefront of our movement, and as long as we follow him we can always walk on water.”


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